EMI - Oscillating Conductor

Magnetic Field Positive
Amplitude Low High
Frequency Low High

Animation shows a conductor moving in a magnetic field with its ends sliding on conducting rails. A resistance connected between the left ends of the rails provides a closed path for flow of current. The electrons riding with the conductor experierence forces directed along the length of the conductor which drive them around the circuit.
The force on a moving charge in a magnetic field is given by

When the conductor is moving to right and the magnetic field is directed outward this force on the electron is upwards and they circulate through the path provided by the rails in a counter clock wise sense. This constitutes a clock wise conventional current. As the direction of motion varies this force direction also varies.
The blue curve represents the power needed to keep the conductor in motion. This is also equal to the electrical power generated in the moving conductor. The red curve represents the emf. (Shown as positive if the conventional current is counter clockwise)