Electric field on the axis of a ring

show rz plane
 dEaxial = 7.07 units
dEradial = 7.07 units
Electric field dE due to a charged element dQ of the ring at a point whoose position vector releative to the element is r is given by

Animation shows the electric field vector at a point on the axis of the ring due to a small charged element of a ring. The black dot is the dQ element, the green vector the radius vector r of the point on the axis relative to the dQ element and the black vector E is the electric field vector due to the element. The components parallel ( dEaxial) and perpendicular (dEradial) to the axis are shown in blue and red colors. Observe the variation of the component of the electric field parallel to the axis. This increases up to a distance of r/&sqrt;2 and then decreases. The electric field vector due to the dQ element itself is maximum at the center of the ring and decreases continuously